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    BRIDGING THE GAP - Your Enabling BAYANIHAN Partner for Peace and Development in LUZON Major Island Group

    The 11th Civil-Military Operations “Kaugnayan” Battalion (11CMOBn) of the Civil-Military Operations Regiment (CMOR), PA formerly known as Civil-Military Operations Battalion, National Capital Region, a true pioneering Battalion specializes in Community Support Program-White Area Operations (CSP-WAO) and the employment of Civil-Military Operation Special Enabler Platoon (CMOSEP) in order to deradicalize and address the insurgency problem in the National Capital Region and Luzon in general. It is a Unit that is prepared to provide Civil-Military support to the Philippine Army Major Units in Luzon Island.

    Commanding Officer, 11th CMO Battalion, Civil-Military Operations Regiment, Philippine Army


    LTC EUGENE PAUL B ARBUES, PA is the 10 Battalion Commander of 11 Civil-Military Operations Battalion, CMOR (P), Philippine Army on 25 May 2020. Its mission is to intensify Civil-Military Operations in support to JTF-NCR to defeat all local threat groups in NCR in order to Facilitate the breaking of support systems of the CNT’s and DEASH-ISIS inspired terrorist groups and their front alliances and significantly contribute to the peace, security and development efforts of the government.

    LTC ARBUES belongs to PMA “SANGHAYA” class of 2000. Upon graduation, he started his military career as Platoon Leader, Ex-O and subsequently became the Company Commander of “BRAVO” Co, 54IB, 5ID, PA from 2001 to 2004. He is a degree holder of SEM on Environment Management at De La Salle University before entering PMA, and in his succeeding years he completed the Basic Officer Development and Officer Enhancement Seminar at Cooperative Development Authority and Spanish Language Course at Instituto Cervantes de Manila. He took his Master in Development Management with Thesis at Development Academy of the Philippines and Certificate Course in Competency Based HR Management at Ateneo de Manila University.


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