About 14th CMO Battalion

    The 14th CMO “Katipanan” Battalion of the Civil-Military Operations Regiment (CMOR) is a specialized unit that will provide Civil-Military Operations (CMO) support to the Philippine Army Major Units in Visayas in the conduct of focused and purposive CMO in order to promote peace and order through non-violent means. CMO operators pride themselves in being responsible peace-builders, innovative thinkers, patriotic soldiers, and excellent communicators. The Katipanan Battalion is one with the people in achieving lasting peace for the future generation of the Filipino people.

    Acting Commanding Officer, 14th CMO Battalion, Civil-Military Operations Regiment, Philippine Army


    MAJ ARTURO M DUMALAGAN (INF) PA, born on 1 July 1974 is a product of Officers Preparatory Course CL 46-2003. He is Married to Miss Annabelle Dalangin Dumalagan and has three children namely; Arthur John, Princess Ariane and Francis Axl.



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