MGEN AREVALOMGEN ROBERT MUSNI AREVALO started his military career at the Philippine Military Academy as a proud member of the Philippine Military Academy “Sandiwa” Class of 1985.

    Prior to his assumption as the Vice Commander, Philippine Army, MGEN AREVALO held the position of the 49th Chief of Staff of the Philippine Army, serving two consecutive former Commanding Generals of the Philippine Army. His tenure as the Chief of Staff, Philippine Army focused on enhancing the readiness of Army units and offices, as well as fast-tracking the delivery of mission-essential equipment and services to the troops in the frontlines.

    MGEN AREVALO also held various Command and Staff positions that include the following: Commander of Headquarters and Headquarters Support Group; Assistant Chief of Staff for Logistics, G4, PA; Commanding Officer, Philippine Army Procurement Center; Commanding Officer, 6th Forward Service Support Unit, Army Support Command; Chief, Fiscal Operations Division, Management Fiscal Office, General Headquarters; Logistics and Financial Management Staff of the Training and Doctrine Command, among others.

    MGEN AREVALO also served as a Board Member of AFPGIC from CY 2010-2013 and President of the PMAAAI for Alumni Year 2014. Currently, he is the Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees of AFPMBAI and concurrently the Chairman of its Social Services Committee.

    An accomplished officer and a seasoned logistician, MGEN AREVALO’s leadership and management skills were honed not only by his actual experiences in the field but also through the various trainings where he evidently excelled. To mention a few: he graduated Nr 7 and Cum Laude at the Philippine Military Academy; graduated Nr 1 in the Quartermaster Officer Basic Course; Nr 3 in the Combined Logistics Officer Advance Course at Fort Lee, Virginia, USA; and an honor graduate in the Command and General Staff Course. He took up Masters in Business Management at the Asian Institute of Management and Masters in Business Administration at the Philippine Christian University.

    During his schooling in Command General Staff College, he was given the Best Commandant’s Paper Award in December 2005.He has been named Officer of the Year at the Philippine Military Academy in 1994 and at the Training and Doctrine Command in 1998, respectively. In recognition of his accomplishments and contributions to the AFP, he is a recipient of various awards, medals and recognitions such as 4 Distinguished Service Stars, 2 Bronze Cross Medals, an Outstanding Achievement Medal, 2 Military Achievement Medals, Military Merit Medals, Military Commendation Medals; and numerous Campaign Medals, Ribbons, Plaques and Commendations.


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