DND Chief leads the Hardin ng Lunas Harvest Festival in Fort Bonifacio

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    FORT BONIFACIO, Metro Manila – The Secretary of National Defense, Delfin N. Lorenzana, together with the Army Chief, Lieutenant General Rolando Joselito D. Bautista and Dr. Isa Cojuangco Suntay of Tarlac Heritage Foundation, led the ceremonial harvesting of vegetables at the Hardin ng Lunas held here, Wednesday, October 10, 2018.

    The concept of “Hardin ng Lunas” started in 2012 which aims to promote the use of scientifically approved way of propagating organic vegetable, medicinal plants and even the breeding of fish freshwater fish like mudfish and tilapia.

    Eventually, the program was introduced and adapted in various Army camps to help the soldiers and their families acquire an alternative livelihood and address food security. Idle camp lands were developed and used as demonstration farms. Significantly, such undertaking provided a good venue for the skills development of Army personnel in terms of small scale organic farming which later became useful in the conduct of community support programs by the Philippine Army.

    During the remarks of Secretary Lorenzana, he cited his recollection of his youth wherein as a young boy who grew up in Mindanao, he was raised by his parents in a frugal manner. He shared that they have a substantial garden of vegetables around their house and his parents being Ilocanos, taught them not only to eat vegetables but to value the importance of planting as it could help sustain their economic well-being.

    Dr. Suntay expressed her gratitude to the Philippine Army for the constant support and its commitment to the partnership towards economic sustainability. During the Harvest Festival, there are 30 families selected as beneficiaries. The families received a basket filled with fresh vegetables picked directly from the garden.

    Lt. Gen. Bautista reminded the soldiers of the value of persistence. He said that, “we should not forget the fundamentals and morals of life that our parents have told us. The world keeps on changing on the context of globalization wherein socio-economic condition often remains the most vulnerable factor that needs to be addressed. In our own little way, let us strive to do something for our families and for the community.”  

    The Philippine Army’s overwhelming support to this worthy organic farming forms a synergy with stakeholders that is people-centered and nation building-oriented.#

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