Army Support Command gets new Commander

    28 nov 18 ascom

    FORT BONIFACIO, Metro Manila- Army Support Command (ASCOM), Philippine Army gets new Commander here, Monday, Nov. 26, 2018.

    The Army Support Command is organizationally focused and remarkably decisive in fulfilling its mandate in transforming the organization into a more capable, responsive and reliable logistical hub. As service providers, it caters the Philippine Army Major units’ requirements in terms of firepower, transportation, organizational and maintenance equipment in support to the accomplishment of the Army mission.

    At the ceremony chaired by Maj. Gen. Robert M. Arevalo, Vice Commander, Philippine Army, the Command Symbol referring to unit responsibility was handed over from Maj. Gen. Joselito M. Reyes, outgoing to the incoming commander Brig. Gen. Byron H. Calimag.

    Brig. Gen. Calimag is a member of the PMA “Sandiwa” Class of 1985. He is a logistics and intelligence officer. Since 2014 he has been working in ASCOM taking up various posts making him highly suitable to be its Commander. Also included in his past stints were his role as the Commanding Officer of the Support and Service Battalion of the 8th Infantry Division in 2005, and as Commandant of the Combat Service Support School of the Training and Doctrine Command in 2009.

    Maj. Gen. Reyes said in his speech, “I do hope that what I have contributed for the betterment of our organization have been felt by each soldier and will continue to be felt by the next generations to come even when we have been long gone. Like the dead stars-that even if they are long been extinguished, we still can see the lights.”

    Meanwhile, Brig. Gen. Calimag said “I am very optimistic that in unity we can achieve greater heights in efficiently and effectively transforming our logistic management system to become more proactive and timely in fulfilling the demands of our end-user’s during my incumbency.

    Maj. Gen. Arevalo, expressed his appreciation to the outgoing commander, Maj. Gen. Reyes for his honorable service in setting a standard to level-up the mission capabilities of Army units nationwide.

    “I urge everyone to extend unwavering support to your new commander while he performs his task following the guidance of our Army Commanding General Lt. Gen. Macairog S. Alberto to synchronize our systems in logistic and help-increase the readiness of our combat service support and service support battalions to improve the overall responsiveness of our logistical support,” Maj. Gen. Arevalo, added.

    The Army mission is to develop, organize, train, equip, support and sustain its ground forces. The effective implementation of these by commands like the ASCOM is vital for the success of the Army Transformation Roadmap’s mission to be a world-class army that is a source of national pride by 2028.#

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