Army Financial Management Office gets new chief

    19 Jan 19 CoC OAFM

    FORT BONIFACIO, Metro Manila- The Philippine Army held a Change of Chief of Office Ceremony for the Office of the Army Financial Management (OAFM) here today, Jan. 18, 2019.

    Col. Denie Mar A. Clemencia succeeded Col. Roy M. Galido as the new Chief, Army Financial Management Office with the Army Chief of Staff, Maj. Gen. Jesus B. Sarsagat as the Presiding General Officer.

    The OAFM serves as the adviser of the Commanding General Philippine Army on matters pertaining to budget and fiscal operations and also facilitates the execution for the Army appropriated and non-appropriated funds. The OAFM was activated on Aug. 1, 2018 to streamline the process and management of the Army financial and budgeting system formerly being undertaken by the Management and Fiscal Office and Army Resource Management Office.

    Other important functions of the office are the formulation and preparation of the Annual Philippine Army (PA) Budget Proposal and Budgetary Requirements, development of the PA Annual Plan and Budget, and the operationalization of the Program and Budget Advisory Boards and Committees.

    “Be prudent in the management of the Army’s financial resources. Ensure that these are utilized economically, effectively, and transparently. Remember that we are here to support not only the headquarters, but even more our line units,” said Maj. Gen. Sarsagat in his speech.

    The OAFM serves a crucial role in planning the execution of the Army’s budget in the context of good governance, accountability, performance, and transparency in the utilization of financial resources.#

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