Thousands of Army personnel troop to first Medical Service Day


    FORT BONIFACIO, Metro Manila – The Office of the Army Chief Surgeon (OACS) was able to provide health services for 2113 Army personnel on the first Medical Service Day held here last Jul. 31, 2019.

    According the records of the OACS, 635 received Flu Vaccine, 279 were screened for Hypertension, 232 were screened for HIV, 162 had Thyroid Ultrasound, 135 were screened for Diabetes and 134 received Eye Check-up.

    Other services that were offered during the event included Nutrition Counseling, Pharmacy Counseling, OB-Gyn Consultation, Urologic Consultation, Digital Rectal Examination, Wart Removal and Anti-rabies vaccination for canines.

    According to P2LT Ramius Agustin Miguel D. Dizon (MC), a Medical Officer at the OACS, the high turn-out of Army personnel who have taken the Flu Vaccine is a good indicator that the troops are conscious in maintaining their good health in order to perform their duty to the maximum capacity. This kind of mindset is important to uniformed personnel because this line of work requires them to be assigned in the various environments that make them vulnerable to diseases.

    The Medical Service Day aims to promote the good health-seeking behavior among the members of the Army. To achieve this, the OACS offered preventive screenings and check-ups. This informed the beneficiaries of the state of their health and provided them recommendation if there are necessary treatment they need to take to maintain a good health. This event is also projected to be held annually to sustain the campaign.

    To further improve the health services offered to Army personnel, the OACS is also set to conduct a conference among the health services providers in the Army. The members of the Medical Corps, Medical Administrative Corps, Nurse Corps, Dental Service and Veterinary Corps on September. They are set to discuss and address the medical related issues faced by the health service branch.#



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