Army recognizes Civilian Human Resource Medical Frontliners

    FORT BONIFACIO, Metro Manila – The Commanding General, Philippine Army led a recognition ceremony for the Philippine Army Civilian Human Resource (Civ HR) Medical Frontliners here on September 22, 2020.

    In line with the 120th Philippine Civil Service Anniversary, Lt. Gen. Cirilito E. Sobejana presided via video conference the awarding of plaque and incentives to medical frontliners from the Army General Hospital and the Infantry Divisions.

    Among the awardees are Dr. Arsenio Rodolfo Jr., Dr. Katrina Balao, Dr. Cristian Perez, Maria Rosario Cayetano, Danilo Pamonag, Jamssen Magday, Everando Alvarado, Ronald Mendoza, Louella Gaba, Jimpet Fortich, Patricia Lagustan, Romelyn Caceres, Maritez Escrupulo, Benito Anipan, Editha Miranda, Shelee Laban, Cherry Galvez, Marites Reyes, Rose Anne Parado, and Jose Anthony Tendero.

    “While your oath requires that same standard of professional integrity and diligence, the Army knows that within you is the natural inclination to help. To our men and women, emulate the diligence of our frontliners, and remember, in the Army, every role is important. Service does not see distinction between civilians and soldiers, or non-combat and combat efforts. Each task complements the other. And all tasks add to form the whole of what is the Philippine Army,” said Lt. Gen. Sobejana. #


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