CGPA commends troop efforts leading to the surrender of 8 CNTS

    FORT BONIFACIO, Metro Manila – The Commanding General Philippine Army Lt. Gen. Andres C. Centino commended the troops' efforts from the 2nd Infantry Division, 7th Infantry Division, and 8th Infantry Division, leading to the surrender of eight ( 8 ) CPP-NPA Terrorists (CNTs) on October 2 to 3, 2021.
    Four (4) surrenderers from General Nakar, Quezon, submitted themselves to the authorities on October 2 due to the information campaigns conducted by the 1st Infantry Battalion of the 2nd Infantry Division within their communities. They also turned over one Garand rifle, one shotgun, and one caliber .38 revolver with ammunition.
    The next day, a CNT couple surrendered to the 14th Infantry Battalion of the 8th Infantry Division after being persuaded by their son, who recently yielded to the 14IB. The couple turned over several CPP-NPA-NDF books, a caliber .38 revolver, 15 pieces of assorted serviceable ammunition, and two sets of acupuncture needles.
    The 91st Infantry Battalion of the 7th Infantry Division, together with other intelligence units and security forces, facilitated the surrender of two (2) CNTs who preferred to help the government attain peace and be with their families.
    Lt. Gen. Andres C. Centino, the Commanding General Philippine Army, praised the troops' continuous efforts in promoting peace to the communities evident in the surge of surrenderers following their operations.
    "Congratulations to our soldiers who work tirelessly in ensuring the safety and peace in our communities. Your operational efforts yielded great success as the enemies gradually realized that peace is attained not by force alone, and soon, we will see a country free from communist insurgency," said Lt. Gen. Centino. #
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