HARIBON Parachute: an upgrade for Army’s airborne operations

    Vital to any military force is its ability to respond to any threat. When land and water forces are blocked from performing critical maneuvers, the Airborne unit makes the difference in the conflict area by vertical envelopment to deliver support and continue to strengthen troops in battle zones.
    In the Philippine Army, the Special Forces Regiment (Airborne) SFR(A) serves to provide such capabilities that effectively and simultaneously capture strategic terrain for defensive and offensive military operations. Being among the elite forces of the organization, the SFR(A) continues to enhance its capabilities and strengths that are conducive to Army’s mission accomplishment.
    Early this year, 430 units of the PA Maneuverable Canopy Model 1 HARIBON parachutes, named after the Philippine Eagle (Haring Ibon), were officially given to the regiment.
    The HARIBON Technical Working Group developed and designed the specifications of the HARIBON parachutes that included an Automatic Activation Device for the reserve parachute of the first ever PA customized HARIBON parachute.
    Replacing the old parachutes in the inventory of the Regiment that were acquired in the early 1990s, the HARIBON parachutes took its inaugural flight on March 13, 2021 and April 5 to 9, 2021 in Fort Magsaysay.
    Initially in 2016, SFR(A) pushed for the inclusion of the Special Forces Airborne Operations and Riverine Operations Capability Development Program. It eventually made its way to the list of 19 programs under the Capability Upgrade Program of the PA intended to support the Army’s vision of becoming a world-class Army.
    The Aerodyne and Zodiac Aerospace Parachute Industries of South Africa supplied the HARIBON parachutes after winning the bid. 500 more parachutes are due to arrive to further develop the Philippine Army's airborne operation capabilities.
    With intensified capabilities, the HARIBON parachutes further enable the Special Forces troopers and other trained personnel to perform infiltration from air as part of their mandate in national security.
    Equipped with additional competencies in unconventional or asymmetric operations, the Special Forces troopers are now more geared to perform as a quick reaction force that can be deployed from air, anytime and anywhere.#
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