Brig. Gen Philip S. Lapinid assume as new Installation Management Command commander (IMCOM)

    FORT BONIFACIO, Metro Manila – The Philippine Army welcomed Brig. Gen. Philip S. Lapinid as the new Installation Management Command commander in a Change of Command Ceremony here today, June 4, 2021.
    Brig. Gen. Lapinid assumed the position from Brig. Gen. Emiterio M. Bitong in a ceremony presided by Commanding General, Philippine Army Maj. Gen. Andres C. Centino.
    Prior to his assumption, Brig. Gen. Lapinid served as the Assistant Division Commander of the 10th Infantry Division and held various key positions in 4th Infantry Division, Central Command, and 7th Infantry Division. Brig. Gen. Lapinid is a member of the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) “Maringal” Class of 1988 and completed his Master in Public Administration at Philippine Christian University.
    Brig. Gen. Bitong, on the other hand, has rendered 36 years serving the Filipino people. He served as the IMCOM commander since July last year and during his leadership, the command has constructed five TIKAS Projects, created four Installation Management Battalions, cleared the land within Artillery Training Unit, and activated the Army Real Estate Center. A member of PMA “Makatao” Class of 1989, Brig. Gen. Bitong also served as the Assistant Division Commander of 8th Infantry Division, Commander of 803rd Brigade, 8th Infantry Division, and Assistant Chief of Staff for Personnel, G1, PA.
    “With IMCOM being the Army’s principal unit dealing with property management and base development support, we shall focus our efforts on the perfection of ownership of the Army’s bases and reservations to support the organization’s strategic basing for all our units,” said Maj. Gen. Centino in his remarks.
    “To the men and women of the Installation Management Command, give your full trust and support to your new Commander. With your cooperation, you will enable IMCOM to pursue the Army’s aspiration of strategic basing in all units through a Camp Development Plan (CDP) in all military bases, and enhance security, control, and right of ownership of all PA military reservations,” he added. #
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