10th Infantry (Agila) Division Conducts development support operations to defeat terrorists and armed peace spoilers; uphold the peace process; and support law enforcement effective 01 April 2017 in order to help establish the foundation for inclusive economic and human development in the AOR.

                                                                       A World-Class Army that is a Source of National Pride



    Pursuant to HPA General Orders no 355 dtd 9 august 2006 the 10th infantry division was activated on 16 august 2006 and established its division Headquarters at Naval Station felix Apolinario, Camp Panacan, Davao City with then Major General ernesto d boac as first Division CommandeUpon

    the Activation, the Division Absorbed 601st Infantry Brigade which is now the 1002nd bde, task force Gensan, 12 fab and four Infantry battalion of 6th Infantry Division, 404th Infantry Brigade which is now the 1001st bde, task Force Davao, four Infantry Battalions and 1 Cadre Battalion of 4th Infantry Division was also Absorbed. it Assumed the Operational Responsibility Over the Whole Region 11, provinces of sarangani, south cotabato 2nd District of North Cotabato, Columbio of Sultan Kudarat and Municipalities of Trento, Loreto and sta Josefa of Agusan Sur

    with the Internal security operations mission of clearing the south eastern mindanao from all threats to stability in order to attain a physically and Psychologically secured environment conducive to national growth and development, the 10th infantry agila division was envisioned to be a well Prepared and capable unit to conduct a wide range of military operations to win against any threat within its area of responsibility.

    Since its activation the 10th infantry (agila) Division Became one of the Country’s Steadfast ally in the Pursuit of Democracy in south eastern mindanao. it has trained its soldiers and Transformed them into Pillars imbued with Courage, Honor and duty Committed to the service of the filipino people.

    with Unwavering Dedication and remarkable Brilliance, it has proven its effectiveness and credibility as partner in nation building by serving as catalyst in good Governance and Uplifting the Socio-Economic Condition of the People Whom it Serves that after the conduct of the synchronize national and l

    Local mid- term Election in may 2007 the Division was voted number 1 in the trust rating of all Government and non-government agencies in region 11 in the survey made by ateneo de davao University on june 2007.

    Despite the Divisions Limitation During its Infancy it Displayed Competency, Efficiency and Courage of a truly Combat ready and Responsive Field c

    Command when it Gained Headway in the Fight Against the Communist Terrorists, lawless milf and other terrorist groups in the Region. the Neutralization of threat group key leaders and the clearing of some of the rebel infested areas in the region paved the way for a better change in the peace and order Situation in the division’s area of responsibility.

    Recognizing the Aastness and the Multiplicity of Threats in the Division aor, on 28 February 2008 armed forces of the philippines re align to the division the 105th Infantry Brigade of 1st Infantry Division to take over the areas of Davao del Norte and Davao City being Previously under the operational Jurisdiction of a division created task force raptor. upon its arrival in 10id aor, 105th infantry brigade was renamed into 1003rd infantry (raptor) bde Paving the way for the deactivation of task force raptor.

    During the Outbreak of Hostilities in Central Mindanao on september 2008, 10th infantry division send four of its infantry battalion (27ib, 28ib, 66ib and 67ib) to Central Mindanao as its contingent to the Pacification Pampaign of Eastern mindanao command until it came to normalcy and on november 2009 after the infamous maguindanao massacre, the division send troops of 73ib to assist in the implementation of martial law in the province of Maguindanao until normalcy was restored.

    a true ally in times of emergency, the division diversified its role when it took an important role in crisis management and restoring normalcy during the Makilala bombing incident on 10 october 2007, landslide in maco and kingking pantukan cvp on 6 september 2008 and 22 april 2011 respectively; and the flashflood that struck matina of davao city on 28 june 2011

    on august 2010 after the termination of afp’s campaign plan bantay laya ii the division shifted its paradigm in internal peace and security program. the Command has embarked on a campaign aimed at winning the peace through “all stakeholders” approach even before the afp would implement “oplan Bayanihan”. the traditional role of soldiers was enhanced by taking an active role in supporting the efforts of the government and other stake holders in Finding solutions to the insurgency problem by addressing the social economic conditions that foster discontent.

    on 9 february 2011, the division headquarters move to its new permanent home at camp general manuel t yan sr, tuboran, mawab, compostela valley in time for the inaguration of the camp on 14 february 2011. cgmty has a total land area of 100.867 hectares. this brings the division further closer to the people whom they bound to serve and protect.

    Firmly believe that that insurgency is a multi faceted major general bernardo after his assumption as division commander on 23 april 2012, he start Pursuing an integrated planning involving different government agencies and stake holders in the region and to converge efforts to give solution to the Issues that breeds social discontent and insurgency and achieve the common goal and aspiration of our people to have peace and security.

    on 04 december 2012, while davao oriental and compostela valley province was hit by typhoon pablo which resulted to the lost of hundreds of lives, Hundreds missing, thousands of homeless families and billions worth of damages to both agricultural, infastructures and vital installations. the 10th id was the forefront for the conduct of search, rescue and retrival operations to the severely affected provinces. during and after the typhoon, 10id involved in different disaster response operations such as leadership in crisis situation; reconnaisance and planning; search, rescue and retrieval; evacuation; Transportation assistance; debris and road clearing; relief operations; communication assistance; management of the dead and security assistance.

    on 13 may 2013, 10id is Mandated to Perform Election Related duties in the area of Responsibility to ensure a secure and fair election both national and Barangay Elections.

    on the Other Hand While Typhoon “Yolanda” Devastated Majority of areas in Central Visayas due to Extent of Damages, 10id was tasked to Organize task Group “eagle” to form Part of Eastern Mindanao Command Joint task Force Tambayayong ii to Conducts Uumanitarian Assistance and Disaster Rehabilitation Operations in the areas Affected by Tropical Storm Yolanda in Order to assist the Pocal Government units in their recovery efforts and Hasten up in the Restoration of Normalcy in the Affected areas.

    Today the 10th Infantry Division Philippine Army Under the Leadership of the Newly Installed Division Commander major General jose c Faustino jr armed Forces of the Philippines Continues to Marches on to foster Unity, Understanding and Cooperation through its peace and Development outreach program and will Continue to Convert its Military Gains into Durable Foundation as Contribution in the Realization of Lasting Peace in the Region.

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