The story of Sgt. Rubylyn Cabang, who serve the Philippine Army as a volunteer

"We serve our country as volunteers who give all we can to the best of our ability. For us reservists, the simple word "thank you" is already a big deal and priceless. It is just a word, but hearing them remove all the hardships we went through. Being appreciated in what we do motivates us to serve more even if sometimes we are also exposed to danger." This is the response of Sgt. Rubylyn Cabang when asked why she volunteered to serve in the Army's Reserve force.

Sgt. Rubylyn Cabang is a Philippine Army reservist serving in the 102nd Ready Reserve Infantry Battalion, 102nd Community Defense Center.

As a Civil-Military Operation Non-Commissioned Officer, Sgt. Cabang shares her expertise and experience with new and aspiring reservists in Ilocos Sur through training and programs. She believes that being part of the Army Reserve component has equipped her with skills that are useful not only for her personal development but also in serving others, whether in times of peace or disasters and calamities.