Army Reserve Command hosts Weapons familiarization with journalist

    06 Mar 19 ARESCOM 1

    FORT BONIFACIO, Metro Manila- The Philippine Army Reserve Command (ARESCOM) hosted a weapons familiarization for media practitioners at Camp General Mariano Riego de Dios, Tanza, Cavite on Tuesday, March 2, 2019.

    ARESCOM is one of the Major Support Command of the Army that provides base expansion for the regular force in the event of war, invasion and rebellion. It also provides Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief during calamities then assistance to socio-economic development initiatives, including protection to government facilities and vital installations.

    The one-day orientation is facilitated by Maj. Luisito P Abellanosa, Commandant of ARESCOM Training School, that were attended by 18 students and four learning assistant mostly photographers, videographers and field reporters from the ABS-CBN University Journalism Academy.

    The purpose of this event is to capacitate the media practitioner who are working in a high-risk operational environment to deliver the news with the public in real time. In this situation, the Army at all times wants to ensure their personal safety and security and be fitted-out with the ability to recognize all potential threats while covering military operations.

    This also promote shared and common understanding on Army ground operation’s utilizing various type of weapons such as terminologies, nomenclature and capabilities of our weapons system which is commonly used in media report.

    The actual orientation includes familiarization of various infantry and crew served weapons which is commonly used by our soldiers while performing peace and security and socio-economic development activities nationwide. Furthermore, acquainted on the various type of improvised explosives device used by insurgents and terrorist which endangers the safety and security of civilian that violates their basic human rights. Lastly, they were also given an opportunity to fire the rifles in order to experience the real environment when in conflict situation to generate quick response or action.

    Maj. Abellanosa said that, “the ARESCOM today in institutionalizing its training on warfighting competency to become an agile and deterrent force to complement with the regular force with one training concept”.

    “In the Reserve Force, you will still have your civilian job while serving our country in the advancement of the well-being of Filipinos”. Abellanosa, added.

    The Philippine Army value the important role of media in telling the Army story to the general public while their safety and security is paramount concern. Let us all be part as a channel for peace, progress and prosperity of our nation.#

    06 Mar 19 ARESCOM 2

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