Guam Adjutant General visits Army, offers exchange trainings

    offers exchange trainings

    FORT BONIFACIO, Metro Manila – Guam National Guard (GNG) Adjutant General offers military exchange training programs during her visit to the Philippine Army (PA) today, September 11, at Army Headquarters.

    During the courtesy call, Maj. Gen. Esther J.C. Aguigui mentioned to Army Internal Auditor Brig. Gen. Alfredo A. Soriano GNG’s more than 200 projects that aim to provide trainings to the Filipino force.

    Said project encompasses trainings on medical, engineering, humanitarian assistance and disaster response, professional development exchanges, and ROTC exchanges.

    Aguigui also recalled that last April, they welcomed a number of Armed Forces of the Philippines ROTC Cadets that took the ROTC training at the University of Guam. Soriano then mentioned to Aguigui the current efforts of the Philippine Army in the application of the mandatory ROTC.

    “We’re here to support that too,” said Aguigui. “We have this concept to train the trainers of your Active Forces so then your Active Forces, in turn, will train your Reserve Forces,” she added. Aguigui also extended her gratitude to the Philippine Army for sending Chaplain Representatives that provided GNG new perspectives and discussions on the Spiritual aspect of the military as they recognize its importance in the service.

    “We will continue to foster our military diplomacy with other countries. Through these programs, both countries’ bilateral relationships are strengthened, capabilities are widened and readiness to respond to security threats sustained,” said Army Spokesperson Lt. Col. Ramon P. Zagala.#

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