PA holds Cybersecurity Summit after two-year hiatus

The Philippine Army (PA) kicked-off its two-day Cybersecurity Summit geared at contributing to the command’s establishment of a credible cyberdefense posture on June 23, 2022 at the Philippine Army Officers Clubhouse, Fort Bonifacio, Metro Manila.
The 2022 edition of the PA-wide Cybersecurity Summit is anchored on the theme “Resiliency in an Evolving Cybersecurity Landscape.” The annual summit, which is also geared at apprising signal and cyberpersonnel on the current status of PA cybersecurity projects and programs, resumed this year after a two-year pandemic hiatus.
“The theme for this year’s Cybersecurity Summit is a call that demands collaborative action from us. Since the Covid-19 pandemic necessitated a transformation of our military operations into the digitized platform, it is in our onus to fortify our defenses and reinforce pre-emptive actions that will deter disruptions of our cybersystems and critical information networks,” Army Signal Regiment Commander Milton Y. Beset said in his opening remarks.
The two-day event spearheaded by the Office of the Assistant Chief of Staff for Command and Control, Communications, and Cyber Systems (OG6, PA) gathered around 100 key members of the PA Signal Corps especially the Philippine Army Major Units’ G6s, Signal Battalion Commanders, and Information Systems Officers of Headquarters Philippine Army offices.
Photos: Pvt Divino S. Lozano Philippine Army/OACPA