Army Special Forces Regiment (Airborne) pays tribute to founding commander FVR

The Special Forces Regiment (Airborne) [SFR(A)] joined the nation in honoring the life and legacy of its founding commander, former President Fidel Valdez Ramos.
“Members of the Special Forces family, active military personnel and retired, are saddened by the passing of its founding commander,” SFR(A) Commander Col. Ferdinand Napuli said in a statement. "His legacy will continue to be woven into the lives of every special forces operator," he added.
The Philippine Special Forces was founded on June 25, 1962, with then Cpt Ramos serving as the Commander of the 1st Special Forces Company (Airborne). Over decades, the unit expanded from one company to a regiment with 20 companies, mostly deployed in Mindanao.
"On my ninth year as a Captain, after having undergone intensive training at Fort Bragg with three other Filipinos, I was privileged to lead the newly created 1st Special forces Company (Airborne). Only one of every five candidates passed the rigid physical and psychological fitness tests. We spent months surrounding the mountains of Fort Magsaysay to set up jungle training areas, doing hundreds of kilometers of road runs, and jumping from old but reliable, C-47s into diversely unfamiliar drop zones. We did the first para-drops on Manila Bay, Camp Murphy (before it was renamed Camp Aguinaldo), and Fort Mckinley. In addition to honing our airborne skills, we became highly proficient in jungle survival, escape and evasion techniques, and scuba diving. We functioned as a small, well-oiled team with specialists in intelligence, weapons, demolition, communications, and medical support," the late FVR wrote in the coffee table book commemorating the 50th anniversary of SFR(A).
The Philippine Army joins the Filipino nation in the 10-day mourning period for the passing of FVR, a great leader and an illustrious soldier who truly embodied the organization’s core values of honor, duty, and patriotism.
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