Army netball athletes shine in South Korean international tourney

The Philippine Netball Team, bannered by two Army athletes, copped the silver medal in the 2022 International Netball Event in Jeonju, Korea from August 2 to 5, 2022.
Corporal Katrina Garcia and Corporal Vangie Soriano bannered the Philippine Netball Team. They bagged the silver medal while Singapore and host country South Korea placed first and third, respectively.
Netball is a ball game played by two opposing seven-member teams on a rectangular court with board-less goal rings at each end. The teams aim to outscore their opponent without advancing the ball through dribbling. A netball player can hold on to the ball for a maximum of three seconds before trying to shoot it or passing it to a teammate.
Special Service Center (SSC) Director Col. John Oliver F. Gabun lauded the two Army athletes for their grit, skill and teamwork that helped them achieve victory. The SSC Director also commended the Philippine team for its advocacy to promote netball and to inspire more young athletes to try out and play the said sport.
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