Army delegates conclude participation in AFP DAGIT-PA Joint Exercise in Palawan

The Philippine Army concluded the Combined Arms and Littoral Live Fire Exercise (CALLFEX) and the Urban Operations demonstration during the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) Joint Exercise (AJEX) “DAGIT-PA” on November 15, 2022 at Punta Baja, Rizal, Palawan.
The CALLFEX and Urban Operations were performed by the Army troops to test, evaluate, and enhance the command’s effectiveness and interoperability with other major services.
Western Command (WESCOM) Commander Vice Admiral Alberto B. Carlos who represented Armed Forces of the Philippines Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Bartolome Vicente Bacarro, relayed the CSAFP’s message, “To all our troops, your participation has proven that the AFP’s modernization is not solely limited to the acquisition of advanced military technologies. Our Armed Forces is also honing our military forces and equipping our soldiers with the necessary capacities to prepare them for possible future trajectories of the changing character of warfare. Congratulations to our troops!”
DAGIT-PA stands for “Dagat-Langit-Lupa” which focuses on enhancing the readiness of the Philippine Army, Philippine Navy, and Philippine Air Force in joint and combined operations that mirrors a real-world scenario. DAGIT-PA joint exercise also integrates the newly acquired game-changer assets with the existing capabilities in the sea, air, and land.
Among the Army participating delegates were from the Headquarters Philippine Army (HPA) General Staff, Training and Doctrine Command, Army Signal Regiment, Army Aviation Regiment, 15th Infantry Battalion, 3rd Field Artillery Battalion, 3rd Signal Battalion, 525th Engineer Combat Battalion, 408th Ready Reserve Infantry Battalion, 6th Cavalry Company, Armor Division, Explosive Ordnance Battalion, 4th Intelligence Service Unit, and 3rd Infantry Division’s Forward Service Medical Company.
Photos: Cpl Josel Sucayan, Philippine Army