Philippine, Australian Armies conclude Exercise Carabaroo 2023 in Australia

The contingents of the Philippine Army (PA) and the Australian Army concluded the three-week Exercise Carabaroo that enhanced participating units' interoperability in multination combined arms teams at 1st Combat Engineer Regiment Headquarters, Robertson Barracks, Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia on September 8, 2023.
A total of 138 troops from the Philippine Army's 1st Brigade Combat Team, First Scout Ranger Regiment, and Special Forces Regiment (Airborne) trained alongside the Australian counterparts and Timor-Leste Army held at the Robertson Barracks, Gunn Point and Channel Island in Darwin.
Exercise Carabaroo is a bilateral exercise that conducts dismounted infantry operations in urban terrain. It is part of the Australian Army's 1st Brigade's Exercise Predator's Run, a multinational training activity that simulates littoral combined arms maneuvers in a large-scale force-on-force environment.
Col. Pambid quoted the words of Army Commanding General Lt. Gen. Roy M. Galido - "Becoming a world-class army is not about flashy uniforms and parades. It's about learning, mastering, and learning some more."
Photos by Cpl. John Michael S. Manuel, 12CMOBn and Pvt. Alpha Bierneza, OACPA