HHSBn, ASCOM - Implementing Safety Measures Inside ASCOM Compound

    Implementing Safety Measures Inside ASCOM Compound



                 Last March 2021, another surge of COVID-19 cases hit the Metro Manila Area. Cases are even more heightened compared to previous months. HASCOM was affected in that surge. In order to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 inside ASCOM compound, HHSBn, thru the guidance of COMASCOM, implemented safety measures effective 04 April 2021.



               HHSBn implemented lockdown in ASCOM Compound in order to control personnel coming in and out of the camp. Personnel coming are being scrutinized by our Military Police personnel. Organic personnel without official business are not allowed to go out of camp. Curfew is implemented starting 2000H up to 0500H the following day. Transactions are only allowed in the designated staging area near the ASCOM gate


                HHSBn also established Isolation, Quarantine and Recovery Facilities for personnel that are COVID-19 positive, close/direct contacts and recovering. Some of our facilities are converted for that purpose. Old G8 Building was converted to Male Isolation Facility that can accommodate 16-20 personnel.


                Renovated female barracks was converted to Female Isolation Facility that can accommodate 18 personnel. The isolation facilities will serve only as temporary isolation facility for personnel before transferring to PA Isolation/Quarantine Facilities.


                          Old SSTS building was converted to Male Recovery Facility that can accommodate 24 personnel.


                The newly constructed male EP barracks (Amakan) was converted to Female Recovery Facility that can accommodate 18 personnel. The recovery facilities are intended for personnel coming out from PA Isolation/Quarantine Facilities after their isolation for them to recover before going back to duty.


              ASCOM Tent City was established near the ASCOM Grandstand for personnel that are close/direct contacts of COVID-19 positive. That facility can accommodate 64 personnel. All of ASCOM isolation/quarantine facilities are certified by the CRU.

             This unit, thru the effort of LTC ROMEO E NORIEGA OS (GSC) PA, CO, HHSBn, formed Contact Tracing Teams (CTT) composed of personnel that are graduates of Contact Tracing Course Level II by the TESDA MunTiParLas. These teams are in charge in identifying the close contacts of COVID-19 positive personnel. Personnel identified as close/direct contacts are being sent to ASCOM Tent City to be quarantined for 14 days.

              The implementation of this safety measures may not totally stop the spread of COVID-19 but it will someone help to mitigate the spread of the virus inside ASCOM Compound. This is due to the cooperation of Officers and Enlisted Personnel of HASCOM. HHSBn will continue its efforts of eradicating the spread of virus until our camp is COVID-19 free.

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