5FSSU Automated Tracking and Recording of Supplies and Equipment: The Effective Tool for Management of Supplies : The Effective Tool for Management of Supplies


    5FSSU Automated Tracking and Recording of Supplies and Equipment: The Effective Tool for Management of Supplies : The Effective Tool for Management of Supplies 


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                      The 5FSSU, ASCOM, PA serves as the logistics hub of the Philippine Army in the entire Bicol region for Military supplies and equipment. The unit also serves as the premier provider of all military supplies intended for the 9th Infantry Division and other Military units within Bicolandia. Timely and proactive delivery of goods and services is the main objective of 5th FSSU in support of the combat service support operations (CSSO) that benefited its customer. However, the unit needs to have comprehensive management of supplies and equipment with the use of a database or system to easily access the data pertaining to the status of storage, distribution, inventory, and disposal that will help in the unit’s internal processes.


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                   Currently, all FSSU’s are solely dependent on the ASCOM Automated Inventory Management System (AIMS) platform as there is no other automated platforms complementing the AIMS. This gap will be compensated if there is an established system within the unit’s internal processes. Thus, 5FSSU conceptualized a system called 5FSSU Automated Tracking and Recording of Supplies and Equipment (ATRSE) which is inspired from the AIMS Platforms wherein its focus is the internal monitoring of the supply levels inside the warehouses and ammunition storage including supplies and equipment shelf life.

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                    This system is exclusively designed for 5FSSU daily transactions from incoming items (tally in), outgoing items (tally out), stock transfer, and inventory. The system also has security features wherein only authorized personnel can access the editing, adding, or updating of the data in the system. Further, its main function is to facilitate entirely the transactions being processed through inputting the required data.

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                  It is true that gathering a report is very essential. That is why in using this system, the unit is enabled to streamline the inventory control and record system. Through this, tracking and managing the movement of items will be easily accessed and tracked. Likewise, the reports coming from or generated from the system ATRSE are highly accurate.

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                  Moreover, the ATRSE was presented to the different FSSU Commanders for their inputs and comments which were also incorporated into the system. This was also pre-launched last 10 February 2022 during Change of Command Ceremony between COL JOSE RAMER F MEGIO OS (GSC) PA, Outgoing Commanding Officer, and LTC GERALD M REGIS OS (GSC) PA, Incoming Commanding Officer with the presence of MGEN GLENN E CRUZ PA, Commander, ASCOM, PA.



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                     With the able leadership of LTC REGIS, the unit will ensure that the internal system and processes are achieved in support of the Army Transformation Road map (ATR) of 5FSSU with the use of ATRSE. The unit also will take necessary measures and prolific efforts to ensure that the system is highly updated with the changing logistical needs to better serve the supported units and the Army Support Command as a whole.

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