The 2ID Seal

The 2nd Infantry Division’s emblem inscribes the Command’s banner. It symbolizes the aspiration of peace and tranquility of the Filipino people within the Division’s area of jurisdiction. The red-colored background of the diamond signifies courage and bravery. The white-colored band running at its edge marks the unblemished reputation of the die-hard vanguard for freedom. Three yellow-colored stars represent the three major islands of the Philippines (Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao). The Diamond shape-seal connotes the extent of the Division’s areas of operation. The bladed weapon superimposed over the number “2” is the “Kris”, a dominant weapon, which represents the unity of the guardian of freedom and independence of the Filipino people. The silver blade implies the dignity of the people. The Arabic numeral “2” distinguishes itself as the “Second-to-None Hard Hitting Division” of the Army for its combat action against internal or external enemies/threats. Finally its blue-color signifies patriotism.