“Alternative Power Sources to Sustain Combat Operations”

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    On 10 October 2017 the Signal Installation and Maintenance Battalion of Army Signal Regiment (Provisional) had developed and fabricated three (3) alternative power sources for the tactical radios of the Philippine Army in order to sustain during administrative and combat operations.
    Availability of alternative power sources for PA tactical radios became one among the concerns of the Philippine Army Major Units (PAMU’s). This pressing need of every PAMU’s reached to the attention of SIMBn, ASR. The unit, through its R&D Section conceptualized the development and fabrication of Back-up Battery Packs for Harris Handheld Radios and Tactical Solar Chargers for Harris Radios.

    On 12 July 2017, SIMBn personnel was able to fabricate Twenty-Five (25) sets of 10 watts and Four (4) sets of 50 watts Tactical Solar Chargers intended for Tactical Command Post alternative power source. The designs for the Tactical Solar Chargers are very ergonomic and easy to install during TCP operations. The Ten watts (10W) Tactical Solar Chargers can be usedto recharge the rechargeable lithium ion battery packs for Harris RF5800V-HH Radio and Cellular phones. Likewise, the Fifty watts (50W) Tactical Solar Chargers can be utilize to charge Harris Radios Battery Packs and can be used as an alternative power source for computers and other gadgets through the inverter that has a voltage output of 220Volts.

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