Libingan ng mga Bayani Installs Audio-Visual System and Inaugurates World-Class Comfort Rooms

Installation of ICT Equipment at LNMB




          To the fallen soldiers and true HEROES of the land who gave their lives for the country is indeed an act beyond the call of duty. It is but fitting that their families, relatives and friends should be given the chance to have the final glimpse and bid farewell to their heroes on their interment.


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         Onward to being a world class Philippine Army and in line with its thrust to boost the morale and welfare of soldiers and their families, the Philippine Army launched the Project e-lamay, a project intended to provide access, through Internet connectivity, to relatives and friends abroad and those who cannot attend personally who wish to view the wake of their loved ones in the mortuaries of Libingan ng mga Bayani. Project e-lamay was made possible through the joint efforts of Army Signal Regiment (ASR) and Army Support Command, Philippine Army (ASCOM, PA).


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        In a launching ceremony held last 16 December 2019, MGEN BYRON H CALIMAG AFP, ASCOM Commander, led the inauguration of the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) equipment which is under the administration and control of LTC FELIMON B DUMORAN QMS (GSC) PA, Commanding Officer of Grave Services Unit (GSU), ASCOM, PA while LTC MANUEL VAN C GENSON GSC (SC) PA, Assistant Chief of Staff for C4S, G6, ASCOM, PA, spearheaded the installation of the project which was initiated through the effort of BGEN VENER ODILON D MARIANO AFP, formerly the Assistant Chief for C4S, G6, PA, and now the Army Signal Regiment Commander.


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        The Internet connectivity will be provided by Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company (PLDT), a major stakeholder of the Philippine Army, with a 100 MBPS Internet bandwidth to assure the users with fast Internet connection. The Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between the Philippine Army and PLDT is under way for the free Internet connectivity for the project to be fully completed wherein all installed CCTV cameras in LNMB are digital IP cameras.


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         Relatives and friends who are not present during the wake will have live access to the necrological activities of their beloved departed by watching them through their smart phones and computers using the IMOU app which could be downloaded online for free. After downloading the app and registering their E-mail accounts, they will only notify the personnel from GSU to allow them to access and view the events using their IMOU account. There are seven (7) 65” Samsung LED TV installed in the mortuaries (three at the officers’ mortuaries and four at the enlisted personnel’s mortuaries). Also during the wake, upon family request, Public Address System (PAS) will be provided to have a complete Audio-Visual System (AVS) for Holy Mass and necrological activities.


Libingan ng mga Bayani Inaugurates World-Class Comfort Rooms


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            The construction of a world class Comfort Room is one of the specific instructions of General Calimag when he assumed office last November 2018.


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            After receiving instructions from Commander ASCOM, the Commanding Officer of Grave Services Unit (GSU), LTC FELIMON B DUMORAN QMS (GSC) PA, through the assistance from the Office of the Chief Engineer, PA, has initiated the formulation of layout plan and program of works and was subsequently approved by the Commanding General, Philippine Army. The construction was started last 14 October 2019 and was completed on 14 December 2019.


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            It can be noted that the Libingan ng mga Bayani has a total of seven (7) Mortuary Rooms. Each room has a family room and comfort room only intended for the immediate family, while their guests will use the restrooms located in the administration building.


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            The construction of these world-class comfort rooms will surely benefit the guests, visitors and other stakeholders of the LNMB whom for a very long time were deprived of better and comfortable accommodations.


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