RDC 2nd Semester Accomplishment CY 2019” (MDD)

RDC 2nd Semester Accomplishment CY 2019”


            Research and Development Center (RDC), ASCOM, PA continuously performs its mandate with excellence and ingenuity as the implementing arm of materiel development in the Philippine Army. Aligned with this Center’s quest of becoming a premier research agency, it has been consistent in its commitment to the organization by providing quality products through delivery of project proposals, research studies and materiel development solutions with impact to end-users and likewise with the objectives of addressing concerns of our soldiers by either developing new materiel or improvement of existing ones. Moreso, this endeavor is in support to this Center’s journey towards the Army Transformation Roadmap (ATR). With these, the Materiel Development Division (MDD), RDC; with its pool of competent personnel considering their technical knowhow, brilliant concepts, innovativeness and enthusiasm; undertakes several projects like the Army Tactical Shirt (ATS), Army Veil and Exhaust Sound Reducer (ESR); researches on Mobile Support Facilities and Mobile Field Kitchen (MFK) and the conduct of test & evaluation on Vehicle Fuel Rate as directed by higher Headquarters

Army Tactical Shirt 1


Army Tactical Shirt (ATS)

       It aims to replace the T-shirt, Raglan, OD and BDU Coat that will be used when the Force Protection Equipment is being worn by Philippine Army soldiers; reducing the number of layers of upper combat uniform from three (3) to two (2) layers for a more comfortable, breathable and lighter uniform that will enhance the performance of soldiers during combat operations. End-users of ATS have been satisfied with the proposed design and material of ATS, thus, it was considered Acceptable as the objective of the project of providing a new single-layered upper combat uniform was justified with the positive result of Field Test survey. This project was already completed and recommended to higher Headquarters for adoption. (Photo on right)





Army Veil 1

 Army Veil

        This project was undertaken with the intent of providing a standardized multi-purpose Army Veil for the Philippine Army personnel that can conceal both the upper body and rifle during sniping operations and can also be used as scarf and head wrap, for sun protection, specifically for those assigned in field units. MDD is currently crafting the Project Completion Report of this project for endorsement to higher Headquarters. (Photo on left)









Exhaust Sound Reducer (ESR)

          M35 Truck is infamous for producing deafening exhaust noise that its presence from afar can easily be detected, consequently compromising the location of the soldiers from the enemy forces. This project aims to have a cost effective, easy to fabricate and engine compatible sound reducer for M35 Trucks while retaining the engine’s performance when in use. Reducing the sound of truck is one way to exhilarate military operations. Ten (10) units ESR Prototypes are for Field Test by identified field units upon completion of the prototypes. (Photo on right)



Vehicle Fuel Rate 1

           Vehicle Fuel Rate

        This Center has conducted the study on vehicle fuel rate employing different types of vehicles used by the Philippine Army. The objective of the study is to determine the actual fuel consumption of each vehicle, standardize and improve fuel allocation and distribution among  military units. (Photo on the left)






Mobile Support Facilties 1

        Mobile Support Facilities

       The Mobile Support Facilities will be made from converted 20-ft container vans for it to be cost effective. This Center designed various facilities such as Mobile Command Post, that will house the Commander’s Office, Billeting Facility, Latrine and Shower Facility, Armaments Repair Shop, Ammunition Storage, General Supply Storage, and Water Tank Container for the Philippine Army. The Mobile Support Facilities will provide deployable and operational military facilities for mobile battalions when conducting its military operations. These are designed to emulate the basic facilities requirements of a battalion



Mobile Field Kitchen (MFK)

          This project is used primarily to provide hot meals to troops near the frontlines and those who are in temporary encampments, especially during military and relief operations. Also, the MFK can provide meals for 300 persons per hour with the carried fuel, food materials and water. This Center redesigned a MFK where the kitchen is mounted on a 16-foot truck for mobility, provided with roof and upper side walls which are made from aluminum composite material to serve as its insulator. It is powered by a 2-kilowatt off-grid solar power system which includes an inverter and storage batteries that can keep the kitchen operating for 24 hours.



            Technical researchers and personnel of Research and Development Center, ASCOM, PA are diligently working hard and fostering active collaborations with various stakeholders in order to contribute significantly to the Philippine Army, and produce several researches and materiel development projects that will greatly help professionalize the image of military personnel. With these initiatives of this Center, the performance of duties of soldiers in the field will be enhanced and will considerably boost their morale and welfare. Thus, this Center is continuously inspired to look for new and better ways of serving the Philippine Army and is open to other avenues that will bring RDC to a greater height of success.