Army Signal Regiment Strengthens Commitment to Army Transformation

Just recently, the ASR was awarded with the Proficient Status in the Army Governance Pathway (AGP) during the Army Governance Forum 02-16 on 07 February 2017 at the Philippine Army Officers’ Clubhouse in Fort Andres Bonifacio, Metro Manila.
COL ADRIAN D SANCHEZ JR SC (GSC) PA, Commander, ASR, received the recognition conferred by LT GEN GLORIOSO V MIRANDA, AFP Commanding General, Philippine.
The ASR was one of the successful Army major units to achieve the Proficient Statusor the 3 rd stage in the four stages of the AGP on 09 December 2016. The four stages of the pathway towards a systemic governance approach are the Initiated, Compliant, Proficient and Institutionalized.
An institution must first be initiated before it can move to the next stage of the governance pathway.
Prior to this achievement, the ASR received the recognition of Compliant Status on 08 July 2016. One of the hallmarks of this stage is the ASR- Transformation Roadmap Multi-Sector Advisory Board (MSAB) coalition or the participation of the external stakeholders in promoting good governance in the organization and shared responsibility in pursuing transformation initiatives and consequently passed an audit review. This stage is centered on alignment of resources and people to the strategy.
Aside from Army Signal Regiment, all fourteen (14) subordinate units (Post and Field Units) achieved the compliant status, namely: Command Signal Battalion (CSBn), Signal Installation and Maintenance Battalion (SIMBn), Network Enterprise Technology Center (NETC), The Signal School (TSS) and the ten (10) Signal Battalions in the field. The awards were received by the respective unit Commanders.
COL ADRIAN D SANCHEZ JR SC (GSC) PA, emphasized that: “With this achievement, the ASR will continue to work together with its stakeholders in attaining good governance and performance excellence in the entire organization in order for us to realize our mission, “To provide signal support for the Command and Control; and Administration of the Philippine Army”.