7ID - A Trailblazer at the Institutionalized Stage


The AGP aims to help institutionalize the Performance Governance System to ensure that the Army Transformation Roadmap (ATR), an army transformation strategy and program that promotes a culture of performance-based good governance, is genuinely achieved. It is composed of four stages, Initiated Stage, Compliant Stage, Proficient Stage and the final stage, Institutionalized Stage. The Silver Trailblazer Award is given to institutions who have successfully and remarkably executed strategies to implement change and the practice of good governance in record time and within a final AGP rating of 85% to 92.09%, while the Gold Trailblazer is given to those who receive a rating of 92.10% to 100%.

It was only July of last year when 7ID received the Proficient Medallion and achieved the Gold Trailblazer Award. This year, the Kaugnay Division once again exhibited exemplary performance by being awarded the Institutionalized Status and the Silver Trailblazer Award.

During the awarding at the 29th Founding Anniversary Program of the Kaugnay Division held at the 7ID Grandstand, MGen De Leon proudly showed to all the AGP Silver Trailblazer Award that is housed within a lantern symbolizing the efforts of the unit to “Lead the Way” in institutionalizing systems and processes for transformation.

In his speech, MGen De Leon commended the performance of the Officers, Enlisted Personnel and Civilian Employees of the Kaugnay Division who all played an important role in the accomplishment of the Division’s mission and the institutionalization of good governance within its corners. The Multi-Sector Advisory Board, comprised of well-respected civilian stakeholders, was equally given acknowledgment and recognition for ensuring the sustainability, continuity and shared responsibility of all programs and projects of the Division.

Despite having achieved the final stage of the Army Governance Pathway, MGen De Leon assured that the Kaugnay Division will continue to further improve its performance and services with the integrity of a reformed and transformed Army.