Village official, 7 cohorts, nabbed in Maguindanao anti-narcotics operation


Under the command of the 1st Mechanized Infantry Brigade led by Col Bismarck Soliba, joint elements of PDEA-ARMM, CIDG-ARMM, 4SAB, SAF, 1MECH BN and the 33rd Infantry (Makabayan) Battalion arrested the suspects in a drug den in Midconding village during a simultaneous raid at 6:00am.

Among those who were collared were village chair Datumama 'Bong' Abdul,31. The law enforcers also cornered Darex Maslamama, 33, Datukung Membida, 23, Mundjahel Membia, 19, and 4 unnamed minors.

Drug trafficking suspect named Buga Abdul a.k.a. Lapu-lapu and several others evaded arrest. The group had gained notoriety after being involved in violent attacks against government forces and rival clans.

Seized from the suspects were 3 hand grenades, assorted ammunitions, sachets of suspected shabu, and shabu sniffing paraphernalia.

The suspects were brought to PDEA-ARMM detention facility for the filing of criminal cases against them.