Two Abus linked to robbery nabbed in Tawi-Tawi


“Prompted by reports alleging the presence of seven Abu Sayyaf bandits and the commission of robbery by the said group in Barangay Batu-Batu, the Marine troops conducted the offensive, yielding to the arrest of the Garims and the seizure of an M16 loaded with ammunition,” said Brigadier General Custodio Parcon, Jr., Commander of the Joint Task Force Tawi-Tawi.
Civilians reported of the sighting of the said Abu Sayyaf bandits, who were armed with M16 and Caliber .30 rifles, in Panglima Sugala on Tuesday (July 25).
The group further committed robbery against fishermen and farmers in far-flung areas, particularly in Barangay Balimbing, Panglima Sugala, per information from the police. Due to the seaborne patrol conducted by the marines, the bandits resorted to robbery to sustain their living.
Based on the blotter report filed by Private First Class Edgar Flores of the MBLT-9, the Abu Sayyaf bandits robbed a tenant, identified as Mansiar, of his copra and threatened to kill Reny Flores, brother of PFC Flores and proprietor of a coconut farm, in Sitio Bud-bud, Barangay Kulape, Panglima Sugala in the afternoon of July 24.
The armed group also established a temporary harboring site in Barangay Batu-Batu, Panglima Sugala.
Records show that the municipal mayor of Panglima Sugala ordered Merson Garim to leave the place; however, his group continued to operate in the area.
The Garims and the seized items were brought to the Panglima Sugala Municipal Police Station for proper disposition. The firearms were then turned over to the MBLT9 for safekeeping.
As of July 26, 72 Abu Sayyaf bandits were apprehended by the Joint Task Forces in Western Mindanao. Of this, 11 were nabbed in Basilan, 43 in Sulu, 7 in Tawi-Tawi, and 11 in Zamboanga.
"I congratulate the troops of Joint Task Force Tawi-tawi headed by Brigadier General Custodio Parcon for this commendable accomplishment," said Lieutenant General Carlito G. Galvez, Jr., Commander of the Western Mindanao Command.
"The continuing effort to capture and neutralize the remaining Abu Sayyaf in the BaSulTa area will eventually hinder their remnants to go on launching terroristic and criminal activities along Tawi-tawi waters and sea areas of common concern with Malaysia and Indonesia."
"We will use these accomplishments as a motivation to continue achieving more milestones, to ensure that civilians will feel peaceful and secured within their communities," added LtGen Galvez.