A dead NPA, two AK 47 and an M16 rifle were left by the NPAs Guerilla Front 21A after an hour of firefight with the 3rd Special Forces Battalion in Sitio Goshen, Bgy New Tubigon, Sibagat, Agusan del Sur at around 3:30 in the afternoon of Monday, May 29.

    The remnants of the 20-man platoon of the NPAs scampered to different directions with some bringing with them their 4 more wounded companions as reported by the locals. 5 backpacks with documents of high intelligence value were also left as stated in a report of LTC RUDY PARALLAG to COL CRISTOBAL ZARAGOZA of the 401st Brigade. The dead male NPA was brought by the troopers to the Charlotte Funeral Homes in San Vicente of Sibagat for documentation by the SOCO and identification by his relatives for his decent burial. MGEN BENJAMIN MADRIGAL of the 4th Infantry Division congratulated the Special Forces troopers for their relentless tracking of the armed group who were reported earlier by the residents of the barangay that are already fed up feeding the bandits out of fear every time the group is in their area.