Philippine Army statement on unauthorized wearing of military uniform

Under the law, offenders can be prosecuted for violation of Article 179 of the Revised Penal Code (Illegal Use of Uniforms or Insignia), which penalizes any person who shall publicly and improperly make use of insignias, uniforms or any dress pertaining to an office not held by that person or to a class of persons of which he or she is not a member. Offenders can also be prosecuted for violation of Republic Act 493, for the crime of wearing, using, manufacturing and selling of insignias, decorations, medals, badges, patches and identification cards prescribed for the Armed Forces of the Philippines by persons not in the service. We highly encourage the public to report cases of violations of RA 493 and Article 179 of the RPC to proper authorities. We must instill pride in the service and in the uniform and accord it due respect