CPP-NPA Communist-Terrorists Burn Down Construction Equipment Including the Dreams and Aspirations of Communities


The construction company has been in the area for several years supporting the construction of various farm-to-market road projects in the area that would cater to several barangays and thus help improve their economic well-being. For years, it has been the main problem of the people in these communities to have an accessible farm-to-market road to help advance their livelihood by connecting them to the main economic hub of Negros Oriental. According to the communities, the farm-to-market roads will help alleviate their economic status and eventually improve their social standing thus freeing them from the merciless cycle of poverty, ignorance and disease. The roads will lower the cost of transport for their goods thereby encouraging increase in economic output. On the other hand, low farm-to-market labor costs will lower production costs thus increasing household income.

Aside from the positive effect on their livelihood, their access to the main economic hub or city centers will also improve their access to government basic services. The fast delivery of goods and services by the government to the people in the far-flung communities will be easier thus improving the general welfare of the populace. The farm-to-market roads will also allow students to widen their options and access to better schools and universities. Afterall, an educated and well-trained youth is the hope of the Motherland.

The act of terrorism and banditry of the CPP-NPA members in Siaton, Negros Oriental impede particularly the poor and the needy in the area to have a better future. The stoppage of the road construction also stopped the people’s hope of having a better future. Their dreams and aspirations of having a peaceful and productive life were burned down by the CPP-NPA communist-terrorists as they torch the construction equipment of the Medalla Construction Company.

As the CPP-NPA terrorist-bandits left the area, they shouted “Mabuhay ang CPP-NPA!” “Mabuhay ang CPP-NPA!” means “Mabuhay ang pagsira ng mga gamit pangkabuhayan at progresso sa kanayunan!” “Mabuhay ang CPP-NPA!” also means “Mabuhay ang dagdag pasakit sa mga mahihirap nating kababayan; Mabuhay ang paghadlang ng kaunlaran ng mga mamamayan; Mabuhay kaming mga bandido, terrorista at extorsyonista sa mga kabuhayan ng mga nagsusumikap na umasenso; Mabuhay kaming mga magnanakaw ng kaligayahan at kapakanan ng taong bayan; at, Mabuhay kaming mga CPP-NPA dahil nagagawa namin ang aming kagustuhan na para lamang sa aming kapakanan at ikinagagalak at ipinagdiriwang namin ang paghihirap ng taong bayan!” End