About the Civil-Military Operation Regiment, Philippine Army

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The Civil-Military Operation Regiment, PA traces its roots to the Public Relation Office (PRO) organized 03 August 1957 to 07 January 1960. Thereafter, it underwent a series of reorganization to respond to the challenges of time. The unit was designated as the Army Information Office (AIO) from 08 January 1960 to 31 December 1962. It was later called the Public Affairs Office (PAO) from 01 January 1963 to 30 January 1970 then reverted back as the Army Information Office (AIO) from 01 February 1970 to 16 July 1973. Later on it was renamed as the Office for Civil Relation (OCR), which remained for almost (3) years, from 17 July 1973 to 01 April 1976. From 02 April 1976 to 01 March 1986, the unit was again reorganized as the Philippine Army Civil Relations and Information Service, otherwise known as PACRIS. After the EDSA Revolution in 1986, the unit was again renamed as the Army Information Command (AICOM), which Lasted from 02 March to 01 April 1986. The unit was later dubbed as the Civil Military Operations Battalion (CMOBn) from 02 April 1986 until 31 July 1989. Later on the organization went another name change and became the Civil Military Operations Unit (CMOU) from 01 August to 16 November 1989. From there, it was again reorganized to become the Psychological Operations Group (POG, SOCOM) which lasted for seven years from 17 November 1989 to 05 June 1996. From 05 June 1996 to 01 January 1997, it was absorbed by the newly organized Special Operations Command (SOCOM). Months Later, on 02 January 1997, it was again renamed as the Civil Affairs Group (CAG, SOCOM) still under SOCOM. On 01 February 1999, CAG was absorbed back to HPA (CAG, PA) to become one of its Major Combat Support Unit. The unit was later reactivated under the name Civil-Military Operations Group (CMOG) on 01 January 2006.

By virtue Of an HPA Directive, the unit transitioned itself as the Civil-Military Operations Regiment (CMOR) effective 01 January 2017 under the leadership of Col Thomas  R Sedano Jr CAV (GSC) PA.

 At present, the Regiment is taking significant steps in transforming itself into a professional CMO unit under the PA’s vision of a World-class Army that is a source of national pride.