The 12th CMO Battalion

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On May 2017, Armed Men Carrying a Black Flag Began Terrorizing the Islamic City of Marawi to Establish a Wilayat, Or an Islamic Province for The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. These Terrorists Announced That They Are the Dawlah Islamiyah-Maute Group, A Cluster Bandits Who Abused and Radicalized Islam into Their Own Twisted View. The 12th Civil-Military Operations Battalion Played an Important Role in Freeing the Minds of Those Who Were Forced to Believe the Wrong Islamic Ideology. The Unit’s Loudspeaker Operations, Psychosocial Interventions, Food Programs, And Other Cmo Activities Gave the People of Marawi a New Kind of Hope for A Better Tomorrow.

After 153 Days of Battle, The Heroism of the Military Liberated the People from The Clutches of the Terrorists but The Work Is Far from Done. Thousands of Maranao Families Were Left and Displaced After the Isis-Inspired Dawlah Islamiyah Maute Group Attempted to Seize the Islamic City of Marawi. A Need for Massive Rehabilitation Efforts Arose and The Unit Stepped Up to The Challenge.

The 12th Civil-Military Operations (Kapatiran) Battalion Was Formally Activated On 01 December 2017; Placed Under Operational Control of 103rd Infantry (Haribon) Brigade, 1st Infantry Division, Philippine Army. Temporarily Stationed In Brgy Cabingan Marawi City Until November 2019 And Was Transferred Permanently To The Premises Of Headquarters 103rd Infantry (Haribon) Brigade, Kampo Ranao, Marawi City, Lanao Del Sur. The Unit Was Given A Mission To Provide Cmo Support To The Joint Task Force Zampelan In The Conduct Of Development Support Operations And In Preventing And Countering Violent Extremism (Pcve) Within Marawi City And Lanao Del Sur.

The 12th Civil-Military Operations (Kapatiran) Battalion Is Organized With Three Companies: The Headquarters And Headquarters Company And Research, Production, Dissemination Company (Rpdc) And Are Both Located At Marawi City, Lanao Del Sur To Provide Support To The 103rd Infantry (Haribon) Brigade, 1st Infantry Division, Philippine Army In The Recovery, Reconstruction, And Rehabilitation Of Marawi City And Enhancement Of The Prevention And Countering Violent Extremism (Pcve) In Lanao Provinces; While The 1st Cmo Company Is Located At Barangay Busbus, Jolo, Sulu With Its Mission To Provides Cmo Support To The 11th Infantry (Alakdan) Division, Philippine Army And The Joint Task Force Zampelan In Their Area Of Operation.

It Was On 21 June 2018 When The 12th Civil-Military Operations (Kapatiran) Battalion Was Formally Deployed Under The Leadership Of Lieutenant Colonel Wilfredo Amoma Infantry (General Staff Corp) Philippine Army. The Battalion Successfully Augmented In The Joint Task Force Ranao In Serving The Internally Displaced Persons During The Marawi Siege. After Seven Months of Dutiful Service, The Command of the Battalion Was Turned Over From Lieutenant Colonel Wilfredo Amoma To Lieutenant Colonel Andres A Soriano (Infantry) Philippine Army, A Native Of Mindanao On The Month Of January 2019.
Soon After 1 Year and 5 Months, The Command of the Battalion Was Turned Over To Lieutenant Colonel Rey David A Taqueban Infantry (General Staff Corps) Philippine Army, A Member Of Philippine Military Academy Class 2001 And A Pure Blooded Ilocano.

Many Achievements Were Accomplished By The 12th Civil-Military Operations (Kapatiran) Battalion. The Unit Was At Full Force In Supporting The Task Force Bangon Marawi, Local Government Units, Government Agencies, And Other Stakeholders In The Overall Efforts In The Rehabilitaton Of Islamic City Of Marawi. The Unit Provided Security And Manpower In The Conduct Of Relief Goods Distribution To The Internally Displaced Person Communities That Were In Dire Need Of Support From The Government; Psychosocial Interventions To Heal Those Who Were Traumatized By The Violence Of The Past Marawi Siege; Preventing And Countering Violent Extremism Lectures As Well As Leaflets Distribution That Exposed The Terrorists And Opened The Eyes Of The Public To The Dangers Of Harboring Them In Their Communities; Youth Leadership Summits (Yls) That Created Peace Builders And Peace Keepers Out Of The Young Men And Women Of Mindanao Clean-Up Drives Participation With Local Government Units, Non-Government Organizations And Other Partner Stakeholders;

Brigada Eskwela Participations In Different Schools Around Lanao Province; Bloodletting Activities Conducted To Donate Blood And Save Lives; Actively Participates To The Fun Run Activities In Marawi City; Medical Civic Action Programs In Different Places In Lanao Province To Bring The Much Needed Medical Assistance To People Living In A Far-Flung Areas; Financial Assistance Distributions With The Department Of Social Welfare And Development 10 To Internally Displaced Persons To The Help Them Rebuild Their Life After The Siege;

School Supplies Distribution To Different Schools That Helped Students In Aiding Their Lessons At School; Feeding Activities To Different Elementary Schhols In Lanao Provinces That Promoted Better Health For The Children; Information Awareness Activities On Preventing And Countering Violent Extremism (Pcve); Film Showing Activities Was Givento The Youth To Inform The Do’s And Dont’s On Any Organizations To Be Involved;

The 12cmobn Also Supports Environmental Protection And The Conducts Tree Growing Activities Within Lanao Del Sur; Aside From This, The Unit Also Initiated A Social Media Campaign That Produced Countless Psyops Materials And Public Affairs Materials Which Dominated The Information Environment. The Unit’s Facebook Page Became A Legitimate Source Of Information And News Among The Maranao Communities. There Were Also Blood Donation Drive Initiatives In Support Of Health Centers That Needed Blood For Their Patients; Moreover, The Unit Also Conducted A 4-Day Confidence Building And Sports Fest With The Security Forces Of Lanao Del Sur, Local Stakeholders, National Stakeholders As Well As The Moro Islamic Liberation Front For The Encouragement Of Unity And Peace For The Lanao Provinces Through The Conduct Goodwill Games. Aside From These, The Unit Also Conducts Cmo At Barangay Tamporong, Madalum, Lanao Del Sur Wherein The Unit Stayed For 1 Week And Conducted Clean Up Drive, Pcve Lecture, Relief Distribution, And Mass Condemnation Together With Moro Islamic Liberation Front Within The Area And 55th Infantry Vigilant Battalion, 1st Infantry Division, Philippine Army.

Aside From These Numerous Activities, We Also Participated Radio Program In Kalilintad Sa Andaka In Dxso Radio Pilipinas Marawi Fm And Other Relevant Media Involvement In Order To Dominate The Information Environment. Soon After, The Unit Provide Its Own Online Radio Broadcast That Will Be Shown Live Thru Dose Cmobn Facebook Page; Amidst The Pandemic Crisis Of Corona Virus Disease, The Unit Is Resilient In Its Mission Producing More Cmo Support To Maranaos, The Battalion Was Made Up Of Personnel Who Conducted Loudspeaker Operations Around Marawi City To Further Inform The Public With Regards To The Do’s And Dont’s In A Community Quarantine Protocol. Established Checkpoints Within 3 Barangays Of Marawi City To Be Guided In Health Protocols And Strictly Follow The Curfew Hours Under Executive Order Of Local Government Of Lanao Del Sur.

The Unit Also Sent Troops To Provides Security And Manpower To Amai Pakpak Medical Center; The Combined Forces Activities Of Information Support Affairs, Public Affairs, And Civil Affairs Made The Efforts And Served To The Filipinos And The Whole Nation Approach. The 12th Civil Military Operations Battalion Still Continues Its Mandate From The Past To Date In Order To Win The Hearts And Minds Of The People And To Achieve The Long Lasting Peace And Freedom Against Threats To Terrorism.

The 12th Civil Military Operations Battalion Still Remain As The Kapatiran Battalion, Where You Can Approach And Call In Times Of Querries And Needs. We Vow To Live By Our Mandate, To Increase The Will Of Thr Soldier To Fight, To Weaken The Enemy To Resist And To Gain The Trust And Confidence Of The People By Winning Their Hearts And Minds.