5ID launches official book on MV Karagatan; unravel truth on CTG atrocities

On May 13, 2023, the 5th Infantry Division launched the book Target Locked: MV Karagatan Arms Landing-the official 5ID book that tells the greatest achievement of the Armed Forces of the Philippines against the Communist Terrorist Group.

As part of the 42nd Founding Anniversary celebration of 5ID, the Command took pride in sharing the book written by its very own Private First Class John John Alindayu and a civilian writer- Mr. Jonas Dupo.

In an interview, PFC Alindayu said that the book aimed to share the truest information and history behind the declaration of Martial Law and the atrocities of the Communist Terrorist Group. “Malaking karangalan po para sa akin ang pagkakataon na makagawa ng malalimang pananaliksik hinggil sa kwento ng MV Karagatan dahil ako mismo na sundalo, nalinawan din sa tunay na dahilan ng deklarasyon ng Martial Law sa ating bansa sa ilalim ng pamumuno ni dating Pangulong Ferdinand Marcos,”

“Ang libro pong ito na pinamagatang Target Locked: MV Karagatan Arms Landing ay nagsasalaysay ng tagumpay ng AFP partikular na po ng Philippine Army sa paglaban natin sa teroristang grupo. Dito po natin makikita ang kabayanihan ng atin pong mga sundalo. Napaka interesting po ng librong ito dahil punong puno ito ng kaalaman at kasaysayan,” PFC Alindayu added as he shared the insights of the book.

While Mr. Dupo thanked the 5ID for giving him a chance to be part of the production team that paved the way for sharing with the public one of the historical events that happened in the Philippines.  

Further, MV KARAGATAN was a shipping vessel utilized in the smuggling of high-powered rifles, ammunitions, 40millimeter rocket launchers, rocket projectiles, communication equipment, and other assorted war materials that were transported from Fukien Province of China to Palanan, Isabela in the year 1972. These will be used by the terrorist group to overthrow the Philippine Government.

Just in time, it was then intercepted by the soldiers that prevented the ‘evil’ plans of the terrorist group.

“At that time, we were only composed of several squads of NPA, then these firearms were coming. It was not just a single shipment but a series of shipments. Thousands of it will come, however, there are only a few people,” shared Victor N Corpus, a Top NPA Commander, Circa ‘70s. (Source: Bloody Trail and Deception: 53 years of atrocities by the CPP NPA NDF in the Philippines.)

Currently, because of the success of the mission, the five decades of CTG atrocities are coming to an end and the Filipinos are now reaping the fruits of heroism and love for the country and people of the soldiers who paid the ultimate sacrifice for this generation and the upcoming generations.